Riding on a Donkey

With cousin Pinny’s birthday party fast approaching, Benzi Epstein (Mendy Cohen) is on high alert for a possible attack by Uncle Evil, dreaded leader of Aveiros International. But why, of all things, is Uncle Evil pursuing a simple donkey? With the future of humanity at stake, that’s what Agent Emes has to find out!
Helped in part by the wacky inventions of secret Agent Hay-Hay (Dovid Taub, creator of Itche Kadoozy), Agent Emes narrowly escapes Uncle Evil’s fiendish trap, and saves the day once again!
This fantastic Agent Emes adventure, from its award-winning creator, Leibel Cohen, features gadgets, humor, and action galore, with a (spiritually) healthy dose of Jewish tradition and thought mixed in along the way. 
See why kids everywhere are raving about each and every Agent Emes episode.
Now, sit back, and enjoy the ride...   
Running Time: 45 Minutes